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Effortless Ground Transportation with Philly Airport Shuttles

Effortless Ground Transportation with Philly Airport Shuttles

travel tips

Welcome to the latest installment in our corporate travel series, brought to you by Philly Airport Shuttles. In this weekly blog series, we delve into essential travel tips covering a spectrum of topics, from air travel to hotel insights, comfort, and safety. Our goal is to provide valuable advice sourced from leading travel experts in the greater Philadelphia, PA area.

If you’re gearing up for your next business trip or meeting and require seamless ground transportation, look no further than Philly Airport Shuttles. Connect with us at 610-222-6225, and our dedicated Corporate Concierges will expertly handle all your logistics. Whether it’s Airport Transportation, Executive Car Services, or Employee Shuttle Services, rest assured that Philly Airport Shuttles can coordinate and fulfill all your transportation needs.

Not every traveler is a seasoned pro; for every individual on their 100th flight, there’s someone just embarking on their business career. Today’s blog serves as a valuable refresher for the seasoned veterans and an excellent starting guide for those initiating their business journeys.

Top 30 Travel Tips – Part One:

  1. TSA Pre-Check Enrollment: If your travels are primarily domestic, consider enrolling in TSA Pre-Check. While the process may take up to 8 weeks, the $85 fee is a worthwhile investment, providing five years of membership and expedited security checks.
  2. Global Entry Membership: For international travelers, Global Entry offers the benefits of TSA Pre-Check and expedited Customs and Border Patrol processing upon arrival in the US. Invest $100 for this valuable membership.
  3. Loyalty Program Participation: Join the loyalty programs of the brands you encounter during your trip. Update reservations with loyalty information to enjoy perks like free Wi-Fi, even during your initial stay.
  4. Be a Loyal Traveler: Whenever possible, stick to the same airline, car rental company, and hotel brand. Have a backup brand for times when your preferred choice isn’t available.
  5. Airport Lounge Access: Consider purchasing an airport lounge membership for a serene environment and amenities before flights and during layovers. Whether with your preferred airline, a credit card lounge, or a private lounge, the benefits are substantial.

For your comprehensive ground transportation needs, contact Philly Airport Shuttles at +1 856 693 0244 . Let our Corporate Concierges manage all the logistics, from Airport Transportation to Executive Car Services and Employee Shuttle Services.

Thank you for reading part one of our blog series on the Top 30 Travel Tips for Corporate Travelers, presented by Philly Airport Shuttles. Stay tuned for part two next week. Explore our blog homepage for other series on Wedding Transportation, Wine Tours, and Party Bus destinations.

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